Welcome to ALEA. We are a club of boardgame, miniature wargaming and tabletop role-playing game enthusiasts from Winterthur and the surrounding area. Our goal is to bring players together and promote the hobby.

To achieve this, we have a clubhouse where monthly meetings for all members and interested people take place. For this purpose, we have a well-sorted and constantly growing collection of boardgames, miniature armies and tabletop role-playing game rulebooks, which are accessible to all club members. In addition, workspaces are available for painting your miniatures or for larger projects.

"We don’t stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing."

George Bernard Shaw

What we offer

We offer our members regular events for playing, chatting and creating. Community and the joy of the hobby are always paramount.

Our clubhouse is open to all members for shared use. As a member, you can plan your own events and use our entire games and systems library. It is also ideal if you want to lead a tabletop role-playing group and are looking for a suitable room. Co-creation is explicitly welcome.

If we have aroused your interest, please contact and visit us.